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Honeywell Security

Total Connect Comfort

The Honeywell Total Connect Comfort app allows users to remotely monitor and manage their home comfort and their security system– at anytime, from anywhere. Honeywell’s Total Connect Comfort is proved to work with any of the following Honeywell connected solutions.


Door Entry

Door Entry is the App which allows you, using your smartphone, to manage the Classe 300X13E video internal unit calls and functions locally and remotely. Configuring the App needs just a few steps and, thanks to the BTicino Cloud, the remote connection is totally automated and managed with the maximum level of security.

Camera Viewer

The BticinoCamera Viewer application allows you to consult the CCTV system locally or remotely via an EDGE, 3G or Wi-Fi connection. It includes the live display, instant photo and reading of recordings functions.

MyHome Play

MyHome Play is the APP which allows you, using your smartphone, to manage the applications of the connected home system such as lights, rolling shutters and scenarios remotely, simply and intuitively. Thanks to the BTicino Cloud, all the data and functions can be managed with maximum security.

NUVO Player

With the NUVO Player App you can listen to and manage the music played by the NUVO multi-room digital audio system in complete freedom and everywhere in your home, using a Tablet or a Smartphone. The app can also configure the system and perform its diagnostics.

MyHome Web

With this App you can control all the functions of your home, wherever you are; control lights and automations, adjust the temperature, see the cameras or manage the burglar-alarm system and receive notifications about everything happening in the home directly on your smartphone. To be able to use it you must subscribe to the MyHome_Web service.

Range of cover plates

Select the best BTicino finish for your home, combining the cover plate shapes and colours with the control colours, choosing from the Axolute, Livinglight and Màtix series. You can also photograph the wall and see the combination with the choice made.